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Micaela N.
Wonderful, understanding doctor. Quick and painless diagnosis and always responds extremely quick to emails. She is very knowledgeable and just wants what’s best for your health.
Matthew B.
They will take care of you like family and are always willing to go above and beyond to serve the patient and do whatever it takes to ensure their comfort and stability, not just in terms of medicine but in how to live a healthier and better life.
Hil C.
I have been seeing Dr. J for 3 years now. She is compassionate, on time, and listens. She is always willing to explore all options and I appreciate that. Her office is lovely, and scheduling is never an issue.
Ang Y.
I had already talked to many psychiatrists and therapists, had gone to school for it and knew my problem inside out; however, NOBODY understood or felt what I was going through but Dr. J.
Tinusha S.
Dr. Javaherian is very upfront and knowledged. What I like about her most is she actually talks to you understand you and then tells you what is a good way to treat your symptoms.
Leigh P.
She’s great, and the staff is always timely in accommodating you for appointments, even when booking last-minute. They are quick to get you in and out, and always follow up with you when there is an issue or any contact made with your pharmacy.
Adel N.
I just started my treatment for possible ADHD with Dr. Javaherian. She’s a very understanding doctor and literally she changed my life.