Telepsychiatry is a mode of psychiatric treatment that has developed over the last decade or so.  This method utilizes videoconferencing technology to make treatment more accessible to more patients in more settings than ever before.

This is an important step because often those with mental illnesses are unable to visit doctor’s offices for various reasons, including the lack of local professionals, lack of means of travel, and institutionalization.  This can bring treatment into the convenience of their own home, or to a closer HIPAA-approved facility such as a clinic.

This method of treatment has been approved by the American Psychiatric Association, and has been shown to be a highly effective means of delivering treatment to patients.  Telepsychiatry is a modern application of the same mental health care that has been proven through face to face interactions, and delivers equal results.

Doctors and patients are able to interact with each other in a convenient way that also allows professionals to monitor the progress of patients through these live video calls.  Doctors can diagnose and prescribe treatment during the call.  This technology also opens up the ability to counsel groups at a distance, which can be helpful in disaster situations, shelters, abuse meetings, and correctional facilities.

Interactive video conference calls can make diagnosis and treatment much faster and easier, and does not depend on the patient’s physical location for access to the best professionals while conserving resources to provide the best care.

It’s important to note that telepsychiatry is not covered by insurance in most cases, and that it would likely be charged at the cash rate.

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