Outpatient Detox In Los Angeles

Substance abuse detoxification used to be a lot harder. Luckily, current treatment protocols for detoxification make the process much more comfortable.

We recommend that you stop using substances prior to your arrival at our clinic. This ensures that we can relieve you of any of the symptoms that come after morning withdrawal as soon as possible, as we have medications that can quickly relieve or eliminate symptoms of acute withdrawal. Using substances on the day of your arrival delay the process, making your journey to a healthy life much more difficult.

Your health and safety are of our utmost priority: we make sure to use only the most effective medications with the lowest level of side effects and keep all relevant protocols up to date.

Your dosage is completely individualized, to offer you the most relief without over medication, and you participate in all relevant decision making.

Dr. Javaherian has years of detox experience working in different treatment centers. Call us today at (818) 305-6061 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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